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Information Sheets

Please bring your dog on a lead, we can lend you a lead if required.� This is for the safety of others with cats and dogs as well as to prevent your dog escaping from you in the car park or waiting room.� Dogs are often anxious at the vets and even the most well trained animal can behave unpredictably when they visit the surgery.� If your dog passes faeces in the car park or urinates in the waiting room please let us know and one of the nursing staff will clean it up.

Please bring cats in a secure basket to prevent escape.� We have a separate cat waiting area to help cats avoid eye contact with dogs and help reduce the stress of visiting.

Rabbits, Guinea pigs, rodents, bird and reptiles should be transported in�a suitable secure basket or box with minimal loose bedding material.� We are happy to lend you a carrier for your visit if required.


Reception is open from 8.45am-6pm.� Please phone at any time of the day for an appointment that suits your needs.�

Appointments are available:

Monday 8.50am-12noon 1.30pm-2.30pm 4pm-6pm
Tuesday 8.50am-12noon 1.30pm-2.30pm 4pm-6pm
Wednesday 8.50am-12noon 1.30pm-2.30pm 4pm-6pm
Thursday 8.50am-10am 1.30pm-2.30pm 4pm-6pm
Friday 8.50am-12noon 1.30pm-2.30pm 3.30pm-6pm

Outwith normal working hours the phones are diverted through to the duty vet who is on call.� If they are unable to answer please leave a message and a�contact phone number and the vet will return your call as soon as possible.

Bank holidays
We are usually open on bank holidays.�

The surgery is closed for Hawick Common Riding, Christmas Day, Boxing day and the 2 New Year public holidays.� However, you can still contact the duty vet on the normal surgery number.


All fees are payable at the time of consultation, on collection of medicines or on collection of a pet after an operation or hospitalisation.� Cash, cheques and all major debit and credit cards are accepted.�

Pet Insurance

We strongly recommend pet insurance and our staff are happy to�discuss the different types of policies available and common pitfalls.� Please inform reception and bring a completed claim form if you intend to make an insurance claim and we will process it as quickly as possible.� Direct claims can be made for Pet Plan policies, provided a completed claim form is provided after each treatment.