Nursing Clinics

Nursing clinics are by appointment with one of our registered veterinary nurses during the following times: 





Nursing clinics are free although there may be a charge for some procedures and any products purchased.







Tuesday 2pm-3pm
Wednesday 2pm-3pm
Thursday 10am-12noon and 2pm-4pm
Friday 2pm-3pm









Puppy Parties

Puppy parties are an excellent opportunity for you to come to the surgery with your new puppy for an informal session of puppy socialisation, advice to help you and your puppy get off to the best start and for your puppy to learn that a trip to the vets can mean cuddles and biscuits not just injections! Stacey runs these monthly on a Wednesday afternoon so look out for your invitation or ask at reception if you would like to join us.

New Pet Check

It's very exciting to welcome a new pet to the family.  Why not make an appointment with one of our qualified vet nurses to introduce your new pet to the practice and take the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about caring for the newest member of your household.

Adolescent Health Check

Between 6 months and 18months your puppy or kitten is growing up and making the change to adulthood.  Come and visit our nurses to discuss any changes in diet, exercise and training that may be suitable at this stage.  We can also advise you on ongoing parasite (worm, flea and tick) control, neutering and vaccinations.  We love to see your pet growing up and want them to have lots of positive experiences at Hawick Veterinary Practice.

Senior Pet Clinic

Just like people, our pets are more prone to disease and certain conditions as they hit the senior years.  We run a free clinic for cats over 9 years old and dogs over 8 years old to discuss your pets changing requirements at this stage in its life.  You will be asked to complete a short questionaire and bring a urine sample from your pet in order to try to detect any early signs of disease or organ disfunction.  If any abnormalities are found then they will refer you to a vet for a consultation and any further investigation. Many diseases of older age such as kidney disease, diabetes and thyroid problems are most effectively treated if detected early helping your pet have a good quality of life well into its senior years

Routine pet care clinic

Our nurses can carry out a number of routine health care procedures by appointment at one of their clinics.  There is a charge for some of these procedures.

  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • Administering medication
  • Checking for fleas and worming
  • Anal gland expression
  • Wound checks

Dental care clinic

We advise routine dental checks every three to six months. Our veterinary nurses can help you by demonstrating preventative pet dental care such as tooth brushing, dental diets and chews. They can also formulate a dental care plan to prevent your pet suffering from dental disease.

Weight & nutrition clinic

You are always welcome to come into Hawick Vets for regular free weight and diet checks. Our veterinary team will monitor your pets weight and body condition score and help you to keep your pet in optimum condition.  They can advise on what type of food your pet should be eating, provide guidance regarding their nutritional needs and dietary requirements for their age and specific medical conditions.

Being overweight increases the risk of and exacerbates other health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and breathing problems. Our nurses are here to help your pet reach its weight loss goal and support you both as long as you require it.