We moved into our purpose built surgery in October 2011.� We have a light bright waiting room with segregated cat and dog waiting areas to try to minimise stress to our feline visitors.

There are�three fully equipped consulting rooms which are air conditioned to provide a comfortable environment for both you and your pet.

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Treatment area

Animals are prepared for surgery, undergo minor procedures and have dental work performed in the treatment/prep room. Leading off from here is a fully equipped clean operating room where surgical procedures are carried out and the x-ray room where we take radiographs and perform ultrasound exams. All three rooms are equipped to allow maintanence of gaseous anaesthetics.

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In patient accommodation

Our in patient facilities allow pets to receive ongoing treatment or convalesce in one of our clean comfortable kennels specific to your individual animals requirements. We have a separate kennel area and quiet cattery to try to reduce stress to our patients as much as possible. There are also two walk in kennels with underfloor heating for larger dogs. We have an isolation kennel allowing safe treatment of potentially contagious patients.

The food preparation room is where the nurses prepare various diets to suit our patients differing nutritional needs.


We are very fortunate to have an in house laboratory to examine and run tests on a variety of samples including blood, urine, skin or joint fluid. We� are able to perform haematology and biochemistry on blood samples, examine urine, skin scrapes or cell samples under the microscope and do some basic urine testing.  We also have some specific test kits to test, for example, certain viruses or hormones. The ability to run tests at the surgery gives us rapid results which allows the vets to make the best possible clinical decision regarding your pets ongoing care. We also use external laboratories for additional testing which cannot be carried out in house.